About Us

Wild Innovations is a company registered in Uganda. Our objectives are to;

- To invent cost-effective and sustainable solutions to local problems.
- To support upcoming inventors in any field.
- To protect young inventors from loosing their intellectual property rights to unscrupulous individuals and/or companies.

The electronic TB register is one of our products. It was developed to help health staff to instantly make sense/use the TB patient data that they collect on a daily basis.


The electronic TB register was the Fan-Favorite Winner of the Innovate TB Contest in 2012. In 2013, we won an award from Grand Challenges Canada to support its further development. This prestigious award will also assist us to conduct a study to ascertain by how much using the electronic TB register can improve TB treatment outcomes in Uganda and South Sudan. The preliminary results can be found here.


Wild Innovations is a partner of the Stop TB Partnership

  funded by GCC