Welcome to the online version of the electronic TB register (eTBr)! This online eTBr is the newest enhancement to the functionality of the offline/desktop eTBr that is available here. The two eTBrs' will work in tandem.


In summary, all the existing TB patient data in your offline eTBr will be backed up in the online eTBr. From then on, any new data that you will enter/edit online will automatically be synchronised with the offline/desktop eTBr and vice versa! Yes, it is unbelieveably true.


The online eTBr will not only serve as a reliable back up for your data but also grant you freedom to access/edit/enter and use your TB patients' data from anywhere in the world or while on the move even with your mobile phone! You will also be able to send reminder SMS messages to TB patients and generate quarterly TB reports to the NTP while on the go!


  funded by GCC